All About Me

(Well, not ALL about me.)
I am a published playwright and composer specializing in Theatre for Young Audiences, an experienced director and set designer, and a teacher of Creative Drama and Theatre Arts. I have an MFA in Children's Theatre and Creative Drama, with an emphasis in Playwriting, and a BA in Music. I served as Theater Director and Performing Arts Center Manager at St. Luke's School in New Canaan, CT for two years, beginning in 2005. I taught Middle and Upper School Drama at The Montgomery Academy in Montgomery, AL for five years, where I developed several of the plays featured on this site. Before that I taught Lower School Drama for a number of years in Pennsylvania, which is where most of the lessons for younger children found on the site were created. I now work entirely on a freelance basis. While as an artist I now concentrate mostly on playwriting, I still direct fairly regularly, and occasionally design. I have even been know to act once in a while. My plays have been produced across the United States and internationally in Canada, Australia, Estonia, Hungary and China. I grew up in Massachusetts, am 42 years old, and am unmarried. In addition to my theatrical endeavors, I work regularly as a professional musician. When I have time for recreation (RARE!) I enjoy photography, composing and performing music, watching educational television, and (sorry) reading cheap mystery fiction. (Sorry about the picture--I was playing with my graphics software. I don't really look quite so much like a remnant from the seventies, but I couldn't resist.) (Prize--or anyway, kudos--to the first person to guess how I made the picture.)


Although I have lately concentrated mostly on Teaching and Playwriting, I still maintain four resumes. Here are the online versions.

TEACHING RESUME (This is the one I use as a general resume, and for teaching jobs.)

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