Artist-Centered Evaluation

An Approach to the

Objective Grading of Creative Work




Artist-Centered Evaluation turns out to be a remarkably effective tool for evaluating and grading creative work objectively. It solves the inherent difficulty in making a comparative judgment about a unique work of art by refocusing the evaluator onto the creative process. Furthermore, by requiring students to seriously think about their intentions in a work of art, and by giving them specific and understandable goals to which to aspire, Artist-Centered Evaluation helps students to improve their creative work better than more traditional means of evaluation. This experiment was really remarkably successful, and I fully intend to implement Artist-Centered Evaluation in all of my classes. It is my hope that this narrative will inspire others to experiment with this approach, and that my descriptions of how I used it will help them to design protocols for their own classes. As an artist as well as a teacher of art, I am very satisfied.