A Ten-minute Play by Matt Buchanan


The Bird was produced by Delaware City Theatre as part of its annual 10-minute play festival in 1999, and by Philadelphia Dramatists' Center, also in 1999. (2M. Cross-gender casting possible.)


Two men are seated on a bench waiting for the bus. One, Frank, feeds french fries to pigeons and other birds, until one very small bird flies off with a very large french fry. (All of this is suggested by sound effects and the man's reactions--no actual birds are needed!)

Frank becomes convinced that this miraculous event must "mean something," and that the message is intended for him. He tries to interest his benchmate, Joe, in his theories, but the other man just wants to read his paper in peace.

Eventually Joe's reluctance to discuss the matter convinces Frank that Joe is holding out on him--he KNOWS what the message is and is refusing to divulge it. Frank becomes violent, then thinks better of it.

Frank finally becomes so upset that he has a seizure or apoplexy or something and collapses on the ground--at which point the bus arrives (again, suggested by sound effects) and Joe calmly steps over the prone man to board his bus.

NOTE: The original production of The Bird contained one "four-letter word," but a school version of the play is available without it.


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