A Ten-minute Play by Matt Buchanan


Larry of the Lake is a silly comedy about workaholism and freedom. (2M. Cross-gender casting possible.)


A frazzled man, Jack, who is supposed to be on "vacation" nevertheless has his laptop and his cellphone going full blast as he sits on the shore of a lake. Suddenly a completely drenched but fully dressed man appears from the water.

The wet man, Larry, begins asking questions, making comments, and generally annoying Jack. Despite Jack's repeated requests to be left alone, Larry keeps at it. Each time he's asked to stop he does so amiably enough, but only for a moment. Finally Jack demands, "Do you get some kind of thrill out of annoying innocent people while they're trying to work?" After a pause, Larry gives a surprising answer.

Yes, he does get a thrill out of it--in fact, it's what he does. He used to be a corporate up-and-comer, but he gave all that up for a life of doing what he pleases. And he recommends the lifestyle to Jack, who, in Larry's opinion, is cruising for a stroke or a nervous breakdown if he doesn't make some changes.

At the end of the play, Jack is tempted into the lake, leaving his responsibilities and headaches behind.


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