By Matt Buchanan

Flexible Cast. Ten minutes. No set necessary.

A series of short monologues from seven people who have participated in or witnessed a botched robbery. As we hear the various accounts, we are able to piece together what actually happened, but what's more interesting is the insight we get into the minds of the witnesses, as none of their accounts match and each account betrays the witness's prejudices. An exploration of perception, stereotypes, and prejudice.

This play has seven characters, four male and three female, but it is written in such a way that it could be done with as few as one male and one female, alternating the various characters. As such it would work as a stage piece or as a competition duet. In the latter capacity, it is a great way to showcase your flexibility in playing multiple characters and ethnicities.


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Witnesses is available from YouthPlays.com. To request free perusal materials and a production contract for Witnesses, go to their online order page by CLICKING HERE. Amateur rights for Witnesses are $25.00 for the first performance and $12.00 for subsequent performances. These prices include the right to print as many copies of the script as your production needs. Professional rights should be negotiated directly with the playwright, who can be reached by email at: playwright@childdrama.com.

To request a free perusal script and a forensics contract for Witnesses, CLICK HERE to go to their forensics order page, fill in the information on the form, and we'll email you a non-printing script and a contract. Should you decide you wish to use the piece, simply return the contract with payment and we'll email you the printable script. A one-year forensics license is $20.00.