Resources for Teachers

These pages contain a complete Pre-Kindergarten through High School dramatic arts curriculum (it's really more a curriculum goals document than a specific curriculum) that I designed many years ago, and that has been adopted by a number of programs (though it was never fully adopted by the school for which it was originally conceived--it's really more comprehensive than many schools can afford).


Careful examination of the way I've structured the curriculum will reveal a few basic bedrock assumptions.  First, the curriculum assumes a continuum from purely process-oriented drama experiences for young children through increasingly performance-oriented experiences as they grow older.  (I generally think that formal performance should not be introduced--at least not for all students--until the middle grades.)  Second, it assumes that drama is something all students should be exposed to, not just those particularly interested in it--though at the upper school (high school) level, there is some material, marked "advanced" that is intended specifically for those students interested in pursuing some aspect of Theatre as a career.


I include this curriculum entirely as a service to other drama educators.  Feel free to borrow some or all of it as it suits your needs.  If you have questions about the structure or the reasoning behind it, feel free to CONTACT ME.


Some of the terminology used in this curriculum plan may be unfamiliar to some educators.  You may find help on my Discussion of Terms page in the essays section of this site.