Improvisation Activities


HAND ANIMALS:  A first character game.  For first-time drama students.


RAINFOREST LESSONS: A small collection of lessons and lesson variations about the rainforest. For Pre-Kindergarten and up.


NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE ME!:  A fun game that requires critical thinking skills.  For Elementary students.


THE LION KING'S COURT:  A role-playing game about friendship and animals.  (Nothing to do with the Disney film.)  For Elementary students.


AROUND THE WORLD IN THIRTY MINUTES: An imaginary journey that teaches geography and cultures.  For Elementary students.


MIRROR MIRROR:  A collection of mirroring exercises.  For all ages.


PUPPETS IN THE DRAMA CLASSROOM:  A collection of puppet-making and puppetry projects.


THE JEFFREY GAME: A movement game of building on one another's ideas.  For older Elementary through adult.


MUSICAL FREEZE IMPROVS:  An improvisation game of creative movement.  For all students.


NEWS PLAYS:  Supports Social Studies, History, or Current Events curricula.  Involves improvisation, group planning, and performance.  For older Elementary students.


OREGON TRAIL PROPAGANDA:  Supports a Social Studies unit about the Oregon Trail.  Examines the nature of propaganda, as well as the nature of advertising in today's world.  For older Elementary students.


SOCIAL ROLES:  A pantomime guessing game that teaches the idea of social roles within any society, and supports a Social Studies curriculum in world cultures.  For older Elementary students.


GIBBERISH SENTENCES:  A pantomime game that explores ways to communicate without words.  Can be used as a primer to more elaborate Theatre Games, or to support a Social Studies curriculum about immigrants.  For older Elementary and up.


THE DISCOVERY OF FIRE:  An improvised scene about early humans.  For older Elementary and up.


RITUALS: Students create their own magical rituals while exploring the importance of ritual to early (and modern) cultures.  For older Elementary and up.


PAPER MASKS: A lesson using masks to teach body language.  Can be related to a Social Studies unit on Greek Theatre.  For older Elementary and up.


EDWENA'S GAMES: A collection of concentration, warm-up and improvisation games from a friend.


THREE WORDS:  A pantomime and improvisation exercise.  For older Theatre students.


STORY STORY:  A fun improvisation, storytelling and pantomime game.  For Middle School and up.


I AM WALKING:  A game of cooperation and communication.  For Middle School and up.


JOB INTERVIEW: A wacky concentration game that makes you think on your feet.  For older Theatre students.


CIRCLE OF CHARACTERS: A complex and challenging game of characters and observation.  For older Theatre students.


CONCEPT CHARADES:   A challenging game of improvisation and creativity .  For Advanced Middle School and up.


WHAT WOULD YOU DO?:   An exercise for helping young actors more fully inhabit their characters.  For Middle School and up.


IMPROVS AND WARMUPS:  A collection of warmup exercises and improvisation games collected from various places.  For older Theatre students.