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This game is sort of a combination of "The Martha Game" and "Walking Through," but it is different enough in focus that I thought it deserved its own page.  It is an exercise in stage awareness and improvisational teamwork.  Since the players cannot communicate beforehand, the game reproduces pretty accurately the kind of thinking that is necessary during a production when something goes wrong and the cast must improvise its way around the problem on the fly, but it is just as good for teaching unselfishness in team projects with any age.

Before class, prepare a series of cards, each with a simple sentence like those listed below:

Play the Game

Once the "real" sentence has been revealed, hold a discussion about whether the group communicated effectively--they did if most people guessed the sentence or came close--and what they might have done better.  You can use this as a lead-in to general discussions of teamwork, and of sublimating one's personal "star quality" to the collective work of art that is Theatre.

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