In any formal acting class you eventually want your students to perform monologues. There are about a million books out there containing monologues for student actors, but I have yet to find one I though was much good. (The ones that contain monologues cut from plays, as opposed to original monologues are certainly better, but there really aren't all that many plays being written these days with good youth characters. Plus a lot of the time, contemporary plays have language or subject matter that won't fly in most schools.) Consequently, periodically I get frustrated and write some of my own. I have used the following monologues with my Middle School acting students with great success. I think they would also work in High School, or even with advanced late Elementary actors. Please feel free to use any of these monologues with your students. Please let me know if they work for you. (PLEASE, if you re-post my monologues, be sure to give me credit for them. Thanks.)