Narrative Pantomime Stories


A TREE GROWS:  A narrative pantomime about an apple tree growing from a seed.  For Elementary and younger.


PAINTING THE BOX:  A narrative pantomime about personal space and visualizing colors.


PAINTING THE MUSIC:  A narrative pantomime about emotion and drama in music and paint.


NO, YOU CAN'T TAKE ME!:  A fun game that requires critical thinking skills.  For Elementary students.


SEASONS AND WEATHER:  An activity that teaches younger children about seasons and weather or that can be used with older students as an improvisation game.  For Elementary and older.


COMING TOGETHER:  A narrative pantomime about space and visualizing space, and about community and friendships.  For Elementary and older.


THANKSGIVING FEAST:  A narrative pantomime about using our senses and the First Thanksgiving.  For Kindergarten and up.


GUIDED IMAGERY:  Sensory awareness, imagination, story-making and concentration all are enhanced by this meditation-like activity.  For around 3d grade to adult.


THREE LESSONS ABOUT ENERGY:  Three lessons designed around a third-grade science unit on energy and the three states of matter.  For Elementary students.


STORY STORY:  A fun improvisation, storytelling and pantomime game.  For Middle School and up.


WHAT WOULD YOU DO?:   An exercise for helping young actors more fully inhabit their characters.  For Middle School and up.