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Paper Masks
I use this exercise with my fourth-graders when they study Ancient Greece in Social Studies.  Naturally we discuss Greek Theatre, and one of the most interesting characteristics of this form is the fact that the actors were masked.  For this reason it seems natural to introduce mask work at this time, and to relate it to the Greeks.  However, mask work can be used at any time in a drama curriculum, and can be just as easily tied to any of several other historical forms, including Commedia.  The masks used in this lesson plan are designed to be simple to make.  (They can be made in the drama classroom, ordinarily in a single period and without the help of the visual art teacher.)  However, if you have more time or an art teacher who wants to get involved, there is no reason you shouldn't make more solid or elaborate masks.

You Will Need

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Making the Masks
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Using the Masks
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