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8/18/17--Wow--it's been a while since I updated the site. Added several plays, including a new section of unpublished new work available for premier. Also adjusted links to YouthPLAYS' new updated website.


8/26/2015--NOW AVAILABLE


Ten years' work and 30 years' experience, and it's finally published!




A Comprehensive How-to Manual for Directors of Plays and Musicals with Casts of Young People from a Veteran Drama Teacher and Director




Published by YouthPLAYS


For more information, click HERE.


Available direct from the publisher by clicking HERE.


Also available on Amazon.


12/18/2014--SPECIAL OFFER for the first school or program to produce my newest musical, Arlo's Monster.


12/17/2014--Complete overhaul of the entire site, attempting to bring it partway* in line with the way sites tend to be organized these days.  Basically, I recreated the entire site from the ground up.  I removed a bunch of stuff that wasn't really very interesting to anybody but me (such as the pages and pages of production photos from plays I'd directed) as well as some stuff that was just outdated.  I also revised a number of the essays to reflect current culture and practice.  (Plus I removed all but the major changes from this updates list--you don't really need to know about each time I added another lesson plan or play to the site, do you?)  I hope I have not removed anything that was useful for the thousands of educators who visit the site each month.


* If anyone is interested to know why the site doesn't look more like similar sites, you can click here.


11/30/2008--Major over haul of the site, including rearranging some of the menus and the hierarchy of the site so that the "Great Plays" page is now the index page.


8/12/2005--Major overhaul of the "Great Plays" page. Since virtually all of my work is now published, the site now links to the various publishers for producers who wish to produce my work.


12/1/2002--GRAND OPENING of childdrama.com.  Parts of the site were moved from an earlier site on Geocities, but much new material was added as well, including the pages relating to my plays/